The Divine Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ has shown us the proper path and the power to devote ourselves in his Gospel work.

Sisters and Brothers serve as two separate groups. When one group is intent in prayer the other group will be busy spreading the Divine Gospel to the masses.

About 40 young men devote themselves to wholehearted service every week. They spread the message of our Lord throw’ Audiovisual Devices also. It enables them to effectively communicate with people who ultimately enter into membership ad become active oriented individuals of our organization. Gospel Tracts are also being vigorously distributed. From our organization while a missionary is sent out some morel are curled in and sustained. We most earnestly request you sincere prayers to carry on this special service of ours

Social Service

Loving Lord Jesus has filed us with the Holy Spirit and enables our organization to extend our service to social activities. For instance, we provide new dresses for lepers every year. Our volunteers seek and visit them in various places to pray for them. Moreover we provide school uniforms to their children annually. Whenever able, our members provide dinner to them, thus extending a gesture of comfort and goodwill. Free Medical camps too are conducted by us in remote villages for the poor and illiterate villagers.


Crusades are conducted by our ‘HOST OF CHURCH’ members in various parts of the Globe, from time to time. Prayer meetings are also conducted.

Conventions are regularly conducted at our town TIRUNELVELI. Thousands of people attend the same and receive the Lord’s grace & blessings. These meetings have been powerful and soul stirring. Many in the audience have come to our fold after taking part in such religious gatherings.

New converts join churches in their area. Some have involved themselves completely in service, giving themselves up to Lord Jesus Christ.

They continue the down line service in their own areas various pastor and organizations also welcome our members to conduct meetings and spread the Gospel. Our service continues to receive the Divine Blessing.

Youth group

The youth boys and girls groups are functioning independently and actively taking part in various church activities like choir, media and crusades and other works involved in the ministry. They attend the regular meetings in the church and pray for the Nations and particularly for India.

Business groups

Prayer meetings are conducted every week and the group prays for the prosperity of the church members and Business Community. The share the Testimonies and the miracles received from God in their Business. On Every first Sunday of the month this business group conducts special meetings.

Village & Out reach Ministries

According to the chief command of our Lord Jesus the village and outreach team preach the Gospel to the unknown in the urban as well as in the village areas in and around Tirunelveli district. Every week new souls are being added into the church. The Lord work through this team members with his miracles and we thank God for his grace with these ministries. The newly added people are led to take baptisms and are being added in the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

Helping Hand

Loving Lord Jesus has filed us with the Holy Spirit and enables our organization to extend our service to social activities. Through Leprosy ministry, our volunteers approach lepers in various places and helps them by providing new dresses, food etc., Through Luke’s Healing ministry, we often conduct Medical camps in remote areas for the welfare of poor. Through Dorcas helping hand, we provide free training for tailoring, computer etc., which mainly helps the people to improve their living status in society