The Chairman of our organization Rev. Rajan Edward was born on 11th of April 1953 in a good Christian family. Though he had a very strict upbringing by his, parents his adolescence and early youth impelled him into sinful activities. But the Lord had chosen him for his own special service. Hence on the 1st of January1975 New Year’s Day when he happened to take part in the Family Prayer with his parents, he committed his life completely to our Lord, accepting Him as his savior.

He was filled by the Holy Spirit on the 22nd of March 1975 by the grace of our Lord. In those days he was a busy businessman, so, he could involve himself in volunteer service only. On the 30th of December 1985 Rev. Rajan Edward heard “The Savior’s Call’, and the lord kept him in his mighty hand for three hours from 10-00 p.m. to 1.00 a.m. and revealed him about his Future ministry a spiritual. He was chosen on that day by Jesus in a very special manner. The Lord spoke to him in spirit and ordered him to involve himself in spreading his message of Love &Mercy to humanity. It was an experience so special so special and memorable.Yet due to business commitments Rev. Rajan Edward could not become a full time preacher. He divided time between prayer and business and waited. Those were his most trying days says Rev. Rajan. It was a period of dilemma that tortured his heart.

Then came the final message which caused him to plunge himself whole heartedly into missionary service. According to our Lord’s wish he received a clear vision in 1990, which encourage him to take up full time service. Hence by the Divine Grace of Our Lord ‘THE HOST OF CHRIST’ organization was started in full swing on the 12th of May 1990.

Service grew to full scale and those associated witnessed the Divine Hand in is every action. This guidance and blessing culminated and enabled Rev. Rajan Edward to receive the Dr. of Divinity Award in 1995 through the ‘Soul Winners Association’.

Brother’s gracious wife sister Sheela Rajan has stood by him and has helped him in all service endeavors. She is still extending her complete involvement in the organizations activities.

This couple is blessed with a single son named Isaac Rajan. He has completed his Theological study in Bible college and helps his parents in their religious work. The lord has endowed this son with a very good musical talent. Kindly pray for this chosen family with us in the Lord’s Divine service

Thank you.